Caméléon was imagined by the SP Vision teams in search of a more elaborate 3D model viewer than those available on the market. 

Originally, Caméléon allowed collaborative technical review of engineering projects (see the achievements on the SP Vision website: and allowed many design optimizations. 

The tools allowing the operating simulations, the creation of virtual scenes for remote reviews, the addition of physical or process constraints constituted among other things the "plus: to mister" Caméléon

Since 2018, Caméléon has been marketed by SP Vision as a program and allows: 
- CAD model import and its associated databases. - Import of point cloud from LIDAR laser scan or photogrammetry 
- Adding intelligence to the objects and elements making up the model - Designing an operating script 
- Multiplex sharing via the Internet of models - Adding documentation, annotations 

Caméléon works on PC, MAC, WebGL but also on virtual reality headsets. 

Online test link: "in progress"

The model will become intelligent, alive, and thanks to our virtual reality module will become a real tool for communication, training, simulation and security. 

The interface allows you to manage these intelligent objects by adding functions to them. 

Functions of reactions, storage of information or animations according to "family and type of object". 

The objects are then linked together and will give life to the virtual universe. They can be activated and react either randomly (3D artificial intelligence), or by an action from another object, or by a choice of the user. 

The administrator of the virtual universe will be able to trigger actions and follow the evolution and reactions of the training teams who use virtual reality headsets.


Today, the technical studies are all carried out using a 3D model designed on a computer, from which the construction plans are extracted. This is a construction simulation, guaranteeing good construction quality during construction. 

Often the 3D model will have no "life" after construction.

Caméléon offers it a second life and our data center in Bangladesh can convert all types of formats to integrate it into your virtual universe. 

SP Vision also offers a whole range of as-built, as-existing upgrade services: our LIDAR terrestrial and Geo Radar laser scans are provided to support you.

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